FINALLY… a Safety Share Worth Sharing

This unique safety share is brought to you by Safety Culture Strategies. Historically, there have been a series of challenges with some traditional safety shares. Examples include having to stage the incident, static pictures of the hospital exterior, low resolution videos, monotone voice overs that can drone on and on. In other words, safety shares that can be somewhat dry in nature and in some instances, downright boring. In turn, we should not be surprised that so many of them do not resonate with viewers.

With this perspective, SCS is offering the following safety share. This video captures a vehicular accident in real time, with multiple camera views, and is professionally produced. Of even greater importance, the passenger involved in the accident is very candid about what he could have done to prevent same. In other words, he is more than willing to “own his errors.” Although a few scenes may be a little disturbing to some viewers, the goal of this safety share to provide an approach that can resonate across any organization.

I encourage all of you to pass on this safety share to your co-workers, friends, and neighbors. I also encourage leaders to ensure the “take aways” are discussed during routine management meetings. As I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, every company has a culture, but… is it the culture you want? Until next time, wishing you all the best in your safety culture journey.

Mike Kinney
Experienced in various facets of safety and mechanical engineering, including over 30 years experience addressing commercial nuclear power and/or Department of Energy (DOE) facility programs.
Mike Kinney

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