Mike Kinney speakingMike has over 40 years of proven experience and expertise in various facets of safety and mechanical engineering processes, including over 30 years experience addressing commercial nuclear power and/or Department of Energy (DOE)/NNSA.

His professional experiences can be found in many authored technical papers addressing numerous facets of facility and worker safety, in addition to having recently published a book about safety culture.

Primary areas of focus facilitating development of implementation processes to address new HQ guidance as well as serving as senior level advisor to Program Secretarial Office representatives.

Mike Kinney wearing suit and tieWhile providing senior level support for the commercial nuclear power industry, Mike has led teams responsible for design and construction of Systems, Structures, and Components (SSCs). While serving as Readiness Engineer at these facilities, he facilitated readiness confirmation during licensing phases. His responsibilities also included negotiating implementation strategies with U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Hartford Steam and Boiler representatives.

During his storied career, Mike also had the pleasure to work with a series of senior level committees and/or organizations throughout the United States, in both the Federal as well as private sectors.  Examples include:

  • Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP), Savoy, IL

  • Certified Lead Auditor, ISO 45001, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, Exemplar-Global, Milwaukee, WIL
  • Certified DOE Management Oversight and Risk Tree (MORT) Accident Investigator
  • Certified Incident Investigation Team Leader (TapRoot®)
  • Certified Lead Health and Safety Auditor, UMTRA Project
  • OSHA Special Government Employee (SGE) (term currently expired)
  • Certified Professional Facilitator, International Association of Facilitators (currently expired)
  • Ziglar Certified Keynote Speaker, Ziglar Certified Business Coach and Ziglar Certified “Being the Best You” Instructor

Regardless of the business sector, the majority of companies appreciate the value provided from an independent review of their safety culture processes. Due to the multiple facets of an effective safety culture, the majority of company processes are indelibly linked.

An independent review can also provide you with a strong baseline regarding current implementation as well as assisting with establishing near and long-term process improvement goals. Due to extensive experience and expertise performing a broad suite of management reviews, program evaluations, readiness reviews, and similar process, SCS is uniquely positioned to assist companies enhance their safety culture processes.

  • American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), Professional Member
  • Board of Directors, Region IX Voluntary Protection Program Participants Association (VPPPA), 2012-2014
  • Board of Directors, Southern Nevada Chapter, American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), Park Ridge, IL, 2017-2019.

Serving on DOE HQ Steering Committees (e.g., Safety Analysis Report Secretarial Office Working Group [SAR SOWG] and Rule Implementation Steering Committee [RISG]), tasked with addressing implementation of safety basis, nuclear safety, and seismic safety programs. Responsibilities included conducting onsite reviews of contractor safety basis implementation.

Provided senior-level support to NNSA HQ and Nevada Field Office representatives during development of strategies to address implementation of 10 CFR 851, “Worker Safety and Health Program”.Additional responsibilities included development of detailed guidance addressing contractor submittals as well as conducting peer reviews of associated deliverables.

Assisted & led private sector companies with their pursuit of OHSA VPP certification. Also served on VPP On-Site Review Teams, tasked with determining implementation status of OSHA VPP criteria at applicant sites and also as Board of Director member with Voluntary Protection Program Participants Association (VPPPA) , Region IX.

Profile photo for Mike Kinney at Safety Culture StrategiesCollectively, I’ve gained keen insight and a unique perspective regarding the foundational elements that are required across any company elements to develop and deploy a valued added safety culture program that be successfully maintained long term.  This insight proved beneficial when authoring my book addressing safety culture.

As noted in that publication, companies are presented with a series of challenges when embarking on their safety culture journey.  Examples include limited ability to truly understand their current culture as well as a series of safety companies offering a “one size fits all” approach through use of their software or employee surveys.

By definition, attempting to utilize off the shelf products would not prove successful long term since they are not tailored to address the unique attributes of a given company.

My true passion is to facilitate a progressive safety culture for our clients, culminating in reduced injuries & illnesses, enhanced morale, and increased profitability.  Contact SCS today to achieve the safety culture you need and want!

And, below I am giving you a glimpse into my supporting passion of working with non-profit fundraisers where I am hired as Benefit Auctioneer and Emcee for gala-type events.

Choosing a non-profit fundraising auctioneer can be a challenge—but it doesn’t have to be!

The first thing to know is that a “free” auctioneer is never free. To get a professional, experienced, and effective fundraising auctioneer on stage at your next event, expect to pay a fee. If your local dentist offered free dental work to anyone, wouldn’t you be a little suspicious?  Hiring a professional non-profit fundraiser auctioneer can definitely be worth it.

A professional fundraiser auctioneer can facilitate higher bids in a live auction, and generate big donations during the special appeal, easily making back his or her fee and much more. So, what makes a great non-profit fundraiser auctioneer?

  • Specialization – Non-profit fundraising using a live auctioneer is a very niche profession, and requires a specific skill set. Choosing a professional auctioneer who specializes in non-profit auctions ensures your charity auctioneer knows what questions to ask you, what advice to offer, and is experienced in driving bids during a special appeal—programming that’s unique to non-profit events. Mike Kinney is a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS).
  • Experience – How long has your potential benefit auctioneer been working non-profit auctions? Like specialization, you want someone that knows the industry and has worked many events like yours in the past. Mike Kinney has been providing non-profit fundraising auctioneering services for over five years.
  • Certification – Certification can be somewhat ambiguous terms in terms of being a non-profit fundraising auctioneer. It is recommend that you choose  a member of a state or national auctioneering association and be able to show credentials of training.  Mike Kinney is a trained Benefit Auctioneer Specialist from the National Auctioneers Association.
  • Referrals – Don’t just ask for the fundraising auctioneer’s experience working with non-profit auctions, but also request the names and contact information of a few organizations they have worked with in the past. Mike Kinney would be happy to provide you a list of previous associations that have renewed their annual commitments for his auctioneering services.
  • Then, call those reference organizations! Ask questions about the benefit auctioneer like: What was the ROI on live auction items? How did your special appeal compare to other years? How was the fundraising auctioneer’s energy on stage? Professionalism? Dress? Mike Kinney brings his many years of professionalism working in corporate America to the stage and for his non-profit fundraising clients!
  • Talks your Talk – Your benefit auctioneer should be familiar with your organization’s mission, or ask you detailed questions about it, in order to talk your talk and reflect your image onstage. A great charity auctioneer reads your audience to encourage and inspire high bids and high donations. Mike Kinney excels in adapting his skillset to reach any audience with the highest degree of rapport!
  • Energy and personality – Meet them in person! Is he or she likable? Confident? Dressed to impress? Energetic? Overbearing? Monotone?

    5-minutes with Mike Kinney and you quickly capture his many years of experience working with people, being with people and the passion he has to help facilitate success with people.

  • Pre-event consulting – A professional auctioneer will generally offer consulting services to help you order the packages in your live auction, organize your silent auction for maximum bidding potential, and advise on your schedule of events. Use this service! Mike Kinney has a plethora of experienced solutions to maximize your fundraising event!
  • Additional services and referrals Are you looking for an emcee? A caterer? Do you need assistance in better branding of your event? One advantage of hiring a professional auctioneer that specializes in benefit auctions is that they’ve already built a network of other non-profit professionals that you can tap into. Mike Kinney knows all the right professionals!